Visual Communications Company, LLC (VCC) is a recognized leader in the illuminated electronic global market with unparalleled distribution of high quality, reliable LED based components, solutions and customer service.

Over the past 40 years, VCC has been an innovative developer and manufacturer of a broad product line for commercial and industrial markets including aerospace, medical device, telecom, transportation, people movers,  IoT indication,  hospitality and architectural lighting solutions.

VCC has earned the reputation for being one of the easiest and best companies to do business with by continually exceeding customer expectations.  VCC has changed the way customers communicate with illuminated components.

Headquartered in San Diego, California with international manufacturing operations.

Featured Products

CTH Series – Capacitive Touch Sensor Display

PML50 Series – IP67 Harsh environment LED Panel Mount Indicator

PCL22 Series – 22mm LED Pilot Light

LED Bulb LED lamp for dual AC/DC operation and enclosed fixtures

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VentoFlex Installation and Mounting Guide – Flexible Modular Lighting System – VCC

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