Transportation Routers Ruggedized for the demands of transit applications

Digi’s purpose-built routers for the transportation industry support multiple requirements from one device; these include onboard routing and GPS, security and passenger Wi-Fi. Our newest routers segment public vs. private data communication across dual 600 Mbps CAT 11 cellular modules. All models offer remote management tools to enable remote monitoring and rapid firmware updates.

The two all-new transportation cellular routers – Digi TX54 and Digi TX64 – are now available! The TX line delivers highly secure, reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity to meet the present and future needs of organizations in traffic management, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), municipal transit and public safety. These routers are built on a strong foundation that includes Digi Accelerated Linux (DAL), edge computing, Digi Remote Manager®, and Digi TrustFence®. Digi TX solutions make smart cities a reality.

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