Sub-miniature snap-action switch

Subminiature snap-action switches series DB, type Cherry DB1C-.

With high switching accuracy: changeover contact, breaking capacity: 6.0 A/250 VAC (EN 61058), 5.0 A/125 to 250 VAC (UL 1054), contacts: AgNi, leakage current resistance: PTI 175. Operating temperatures: –40 to +120 °C. Connections: copper zinc, silver-plated, electrical useful life: 50000 switching cycles, certifications: ENEC, UL, CSA. The length of the raised auxiliary actuator is measured from the center of the mounting bore.

With flat and straight auxiliary actuator, 42 mm length, type DB1C-.

Switch actuating force: maximum 18 cN. Action point: 13 mm (±3.5). Pretravel: maximum 15 mm. Overtravel: minimum 4.0 mm. Travel difference: maximum 4.5 mm. Home position: maximum 27 mm.

Technical attributes (type, connection type): DB1C-B1LD, 2.8 x 0.5 PCB terminals

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