Rhopoint Components – Speed up your calculations

Rhopoint Components have developed a range of useful online calculators and converters to assist with your day to day work including quickly helping you check the right specifications required for your project.

Choose from our selection of online tools then, simply enter in the information you have and let our calculator or converter do the rest.

We have developed our calculators and converters for the following products:

  • Resistors – From an Ohm’s Law calculator to a heat sink size calculator, we have a few tools to help with selecting the right parts for your requirements
  • Inrush Current Limiters –  Calculate the energy rating of a given circuit based on voltage and capacitance
  • Digital Isolators and Transceivers – Two tools to help calculate the power consumption or pulse width distortion (PWD) of an IsoLoop® isolator
  • Pressure Sensors – A converter to easily change from Bar pressure into PSI (pounds per square inch) or the reverse
  • Temperature Sensors – A converter to easily change between Celsius (°C), Fahrenheit (°F) and Kelvin (K) in any combination
  • Magnetic Sensors – A calculator to determine the magnetic field strength at a given point as well as a magnetic field strength conversion tool for various different measurement units

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Struggling to see the rights tools for you?

If you have any suggestions for other useful tools we do not currently have available or even an opportunity for improvement, we would love to hear from you.

Contact us here via our website, call us on 01342 330470 or send an email to sales@rhopointcomponents.com.

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