Speed and Flexibility for High Quality Production of any PCB

Fast. Smart. Modular. RS-1 has it all.

The RS-1 new head design automatically adjusts the height according to the height of components to be placed next.
This technology reduces the Z travel distance to the required minimum, allowing an increase of throughput to a maximum regardless of the product.

RS-1 supports components from 0201* (metric) up to 74 mm square or 50 × 150 mm rectangular parts. The RS-1 component height goes up to 25 mm.
JUKI ́s On-The-Fly centering technology is fast, accurate and reliable for a wide range of components.
Wide range of supported components including PLCC, SOP, QFP, BGA and many more. Size from 0201* (metric) to 50 mm square

Changing the RS-1 functionality does not require a head replacement. The revolutionary head design adjusts automatically to the production requirements. It can be used in-¬line with high speed chip placement machines to improve overall line productivity or to make the line more flexible for complex PCBs with a high number of large components.

Maximum speed of up to 42,000 CPH*. This is possible due to a revolutionary head design that reduces travel time and distance for every placement.
The new RF feeders are 17 % smaller and 50 % lighter, but still maintain the same high degree of positional accuracy. The thinner width allows up to 112 feeder inputs


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