SOS electronic Announces Reliable Pushbutton Switches With Easy Installation

If you need to solve the switching mains power in common electrical equipment practically and quickly, bet on the 1840 series of Marquardt panel pushbuttons/switches.

They have the easiest possible control – push and the easiest possible assembly and preparation – drilling one hole and fastening with M12 nut.

The 1840 series consists of one- and two-pole versions in both momentary and latching switch functions. Models 1841 are single-pole, models 1843 are two-pole versions.

The single-pole switch is available in three versions – normally open contact normally closed contact and momentary changeover switch. The two-pole models are only available as a latch switch function.

All models have a cylinder-shaped actuator with a diameter of 8 mm and thus directly ready for use. An interesting accessory is the neoprene cap with an integrated nut, which ensures resistance to dust and water.

For those that do not fit the standard actuator (it is too small), models with an actuator adapted to add larger caps are available: either a 20 mm round or 11.5 x 20 mm rectangle. The second part of the order code for these models is 6101.

For more detailed information, please check the Marquardt 1840 datasheet. Find the selected switches of this series on our website.

If you are interested in any Marquardt switch, please contact SOS electronic at

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