Single Sided PCB | Types of PCB

Single Sided PCB is the simplest low cost PCB or printed circuit board. These types of PCB has only one single layer of the base substrate (Fiberglass) and one single conductive (copper) layer. Holes for electronic components are generally not plated through. Layout for the electronic components is on one side and the conductive circuit is on the other side. Since, there is only conductive layer forming the circuit, it is called single sided PCB or One Layer PCB or Single Layer PCB.

Single Sided PCB

Single Sided PCB

How to Make Single Sided PCB?

Making a simple single sided Printed Circuit Board is quite easy. Following are the steps:

  1. Make Layout of the PCB using any PCB designing software / CAD Tool (Proteus, Eagle, OrCAD)
  2. Print the layout on any good quality glossy paper
  3. Take a Copper plated fiberglass PCB substrate
  4. Iron the PCB Layout Print on the copper side of the board
  5. Place the board in copper chloride solution (CuCl3 or FeCl3) for about 20-30 minutes so that copper etches out.
  6. Using a scrubber, remove the laser ink from the PCB Tracks.
  7. Apply Green Solder Mask
  8. Drill the required components holes.
  9. Do Soldering of all the electronic components
  10. Hurry – Your PCBA is ready. Have fun.

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