Saving Board Space: The Advantage of Low ESR Polymer Capacitors

AVX’s award-winning solid polymer capacitors have gained popularity due to their low ESR and reduced voltage derating. For example, they allow for large ripple currents on switched DC-DC converter applications. This webinar will highlight our portfolio of Polymer Capacitors for various applications such as Solid State Drives, Consumer, Medical, Automotive, High Reliability, and other critical electronic applications. It will also be geared towards application and design engineers working on Micro-Controller, Microprocessor, FPGA – Embedded Logic decoupling selections.

What you will learn:

  • The differences & similarities between wet & solid electrolytic capacitors and competing technologies — Polymer, MnO₂, Polymer Aluminum, and MLCC
  • Examples of applications our polymer capacitors can be found and used in
  • Benefits & features of using polymer capacitors
  • The Interchangeability and advantages of using polymer capacitors vs. aluminum capacitors
  • The case sizes we currently offer and are in the process of developing

This webinar is co-sponsored by Arrow Electronics and will be presented by Allen Mayar, the product manager for AVX Tantalum Capacitors.

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