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Connectors of the CA series have a reinforced plastic housing, making them a high-quality and efficient alternative to connectors with metal housings. They are reliable even in harsh environments with high levels of humidity and dust but still easy to connect and install. Practical colour resolution is convenient for both installation and maintenance.

If you want to be 100% sure that you did maximum for the security of your connections, use the CA series connectors. This series of circular industrial connectors from Hirschmann (a member of Belden group) meets all requirements for industrial connectors. Dust and moisture are no problem (IP67), secure connection and easy manipulation even in gloves is self-evident.

CA series is used in many applications. The plastic body is made of durable polyamide reinforced by glass fibres. This material is, in many cases, more advantageous than metal and also eliminates problems with possible corrosion in a harsh environment (chemical industry, moist environment, agriculture, renewable energy sources, …).

A designer has a free hand to choose a suitable cable because the connectors are supplied with two sealings to allow the use of cables with diameter from 6 up to 12 mm. One sealing for 6-9 mm cables and the other for 9-12mm.

CA connectors are produced in versions CA3 (3 poles + PE) and CA6 (6 poles + PE). Similarly, like every decent connector, even the CA3/CA6 is designed in the way that PE pins are the first to connect, which ensures reliable protection already at connecting and the equalization of ground potentials at the same time (increased ESD protection). Reliable electrical contact is ensured by silver-plated contacts.

The main difference between CA3 and CA6 series is the maximum current and voltage. At the same time, the 3 pole version has screw terminals, while the 6-pole version has solder ones. It can be said that it is worth to put your hands on the CA series. Precise construction and a simple usage will probably convince you. The CA series i

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