PDR New Software Features: Thermal Boost, Extended Soak, Skip Zone & Temperature Averaging

PDR, a leader in IR rework and test, is pleased to introduce new software features that will allow the operator to utilize keyboard functions to execute in-process features such as Thermal Boost, Extended Soak, Skip Zone, and Temperature Averaging. These new features complement the award-winning ThemoActive Suite Software and equip operators with additional tools to perform exceptionally difficult rework tasks.

Research and Development organizations as well low-volume high-mix EMS providers have found these tools exceptionally beneficial, time saving, not available with other systems, and important for the creation of quality rework results.

Easy to master and intuitive by design, the ThermoActive Suite Plus offers simplicity while providing powerful behind-the-scenes control to achieve maximum rework productivity. With just six PDR supplied general profiles, PDR’s dynamic software automatically adjusts the wattage required to achieve high yield small board, medium board, and large board rework.

The ThermoActive Suite Plus does not require a ‘Teach/Learn Mode,’ meaning it is capable of self-adjusting thermal output to reach safe reflow temperatures automatically. As a result, users see a reduction in time and effort required for precision process/profile development. Additionally, in Auto Profile Mode, the software dynamically responds by increasing or decreasing top heat relative to the environment, ramp rate, and temperature limits.

PDR Rework Systems remains at the forefront of rework technology by providing air nozzle free systems with advanced in-process control features and visible light that takes the guesswork out of rework. For more information about PDR, visit www.pdr-rework.com, or call PDR Rework in the U.S. at 530-676-6262 or in the United Kingdom at +44 (0)1293 614 000.


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