Open up a world of machine monitoring with Brainboxes

Access your devices anytime. Monitor and control centrally. Connect existing hardware to the cloud and PC systems.


From dialysis monitoring to food waste disposal, Brainboxes devices can integrate with a wide range of legacy systems. In order to be connected to the cloud, production lines that are controlled by PLCs do not require a complete refit. A Brainboxes ethernet to serial switch, adaptor or remote I/O device provide an out-of-the-box solution, enabling users to extract key data or remotely monitor their applications.

An extensive range of Brainboxes products are available from distributor Rapid Electronics.

The major benefit of control, monitoring and automation for factories and plants is the improvement of OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness. By maximising production and minimising hidden costs such as down time, Brainboxes’ range of ethernet switches, remote I/O and ethernet to serial devices can improve throughput and help make factories more profitable. Customers can gain increased access to systems, review trends and display critical data. Users can get remote access to previously site-bound systems via PCs and smartphone apps.

Brainboxes devices can easily be fitted to legacy equipment. Compact units are simple to wire into existing I/O signals, unlocking potential without starting from scratch. They are simple to configure with great compatibility, allowing PLC, HMI and PC harmony. Case studies are available to find out how a range of businesses have profited from integrating Brainboxes into their systems.


If you feel that Brainboxes could add value to your business, Rapid can arrange a site survey from the Brainboxes team.

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