OKW manufactures a huge range of plastic and aluminium enclosures for all types of electronics equipment.

The programme includes pocket-size, handheld, desktop, portable, wall and DIN rail enclosures, plus accessories and a large range of tuning knobs. OKW also offers an extensive customising service, and can supply the enclosures fully finished for mounting the customer’s components.

OKW also offers an extensive customising service which includes CNC machining; lacquering; digital and silk-screen printing of parts and labels; membrane keypads; display windows; installation and assembly and much more.

All products, prices, drawings and material specifications can be found on OKW’s website. Samples are available free of charge for design evaluation.

Featured Products

STYLE-CASE Beautiful High Gloss Handheld Enclosures

EVOTEC Designer Desktop Enclosures

BODY-CASE Wearable Plastic Enclosures