Tantalum Capacitors Potentials and Trends

by Tomas Zednicek Ph.D. European Passive Components Institute, EPCI Jan 19. www.passive-components.eu
Tantalum capacitors are offering excellent stability in high energy, harsh conditions, and power volumetric efficiency and low...Read More

Added passives capacity will help stabilise lead times, limit price increases

By James Carbone
However, it will remain a seller’s market in 2019 for many parts including MLCCs and resistors
Buyers of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), chip resistors and other passive components can expect supply to remain tight in 2019, although...Read More

Moderating outlook won’t slow industry momentum

By Victoria Kickham
Advancing technology and the digital economy will keep the electronics sector humming in 2019 and beyond, industry insiders say

Electronics industry leaders are maintaining a bright outlook despite predictions of moderating economic...Read More

Expect higher average prices for embedded processors

By James Carbone
Prices will rise because more higher-cost 64-bit embedded microprocessors will be designed into electronics equipment.

The global market for embedded microprocessors (MPUs) will grow about 5 per cent to $77.7 billion in 2018 because...Read More

Industry embraces strong outlook, laments tight labor market

By Victoria Kickham
Demand for labor heats up as 2018 comes to a close and the economy continues its solid pace.

Electronics industry companies will continue to reap the rewards of a strong US economy in 2019, but they will face accompanying challenges...Read More

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NYK Component Solutions (NYKCS) supplies and assembles high-quality electrical connectors and accessories for use in Military, Aerospace and Industrial applications. The company is fully approved to AS9100 Rev D for value-add assembly and AS9120 Rev B for distribution offering assured supply that is underpinned by a fully integrated quality management and order workflow system.

Extensive Product Range

We provide an extensive range of mil spec circular connectors including MIL-DTL-38999, 5015, 26482, 83723, EN2997, ESC10 and circuit board connectors as well as related products such as circular connector contacts, adapters, backshells, cable clamps and protective covers. We also specialise in the supply of plugs and sockets with hermetic sealing and hyperboloid contacts that are designed for use in harsh environments. Importantly, this broad selection of military connector products enables us to support large projects with the most demanding electrical and mechanical requirements.

Unbiased Product Selection

We are committed to finding the best solution, sourcing the most suitable products, at the most competitive prices and to your delivery schedule. NYKCS has many years of experience in the interconnect component industry and we are unbiased in our selection of products and services. All products are from trusted OEM manufacturers thereby removing any possibility of counterfeits entering the supply chain.

Experienced Team

When you work with NYKCS you will be working alongside an experienced and knowledgeable team who have an extensive market reach. We can quickly become an effective extension of your team.

Our aim is to remove complexity and ensure our customers have the right solution for their application. Most of all, we are committed to sourcing the best and most suitable products.
Our commitment to you:
• OEM pricing;
• unbiased product selection;
• expert design guidance;
• flexible delivery schedule;
• full certification management;
• first class customer support;
• quick response to your needs.

Customer Service

We strive to be the most professional and responsive Sales and Customer Service organisation in our industry. We will add value to our customers through outstanding customer service, knowledge and expertise. We strive to solve our customers problems and develop innovative lean supply chain solutions. We will utilise value-added assembly for maximum supply chain flexibility and optimise our cost and performance recommendations.

Customised Solutions

NYKCS offers more. We provide customised solutions that can fit perfectly with your day to day logistical requirements and procedures. NYKCS can offer tailored supply via EDI with your company system or support stand-alone orders. We are the perfect solution to your interconnect component requirements.
We can streamline your supply processes, making them simpler and more cost effective cheaper to operate, offering:

• Technical cross-referencing of part numbers and products
• Inventory management
• Consignment inventory solutions
• Sub-Tear supplier management
• Full end to end traceability
• Barcode kitting ship to stock
• Integrated procurement

Featured Products

D38999 Series III Circular Connectors

Connector Backshells and Accessories

Hyperboloid Connectors