New Yorker Electronics is Distributing Most Popular Connectivity Device from Several Sources

Nearly the entire corporate world is working – and therefore connecting to a network – from home. And during this period of hyper connectivity, the RJ45 stands as the most popular connector type in the IT world. The RJ45 connector, used mainly for Ethernet networking, connects different types of devices like switches, hubs, PCs, routers and firewalls to each other. New Yorker Electronics, an ECIA and ERAI certified distributor of several manufacturers of the RJ45, is open for business and currently distributing the device. New Yorker Electronics serves all industries, but operates entirely at heightened military and aerospace performance levels. As a franchise distributor, New Yorker Electronics supplies the RJ45 from Adam Tech and Moxie Inductor.


Adam Tech

The Adam Tech MTJ series of Modular Jacks are a complete line of PCB and wire leaded jacks in a full range of sizes, from 4P2C through 10P10C. Styles include single, ganged and stacked versions with options of ferrite or magnetic filtering and/or metal shielding. Jacks with integral LEDs and combination hybrids such as MTJ/USB jacks are available in thru-hole or SMT mounting.


Adam Tech’s RJ45 MTJ Magnetic Jacks are designed to support Base 10, 100 and 1000-T applications such as hubs, routers, ADSL modems and also ATM transmission equipment. The integrated magnetics allow design engineers to save PC board real-estate and lower the total part count. All configurations are available with optional LED.


Adam Tech’s CAT6 RJ45 Jacks support all Gigabyte and Ethernet Protocols. Versions include metal shielding for EMI protection with ground peg location options, ground fi­ngers and LEDs for link/activity indication and network speed veri­fication. The Adam Tech CAT 6A JACKS RJ45 Connectors are designed to support 10GB performance. They are built to meet Category 6A performance according to TIA/EIA 568-C-2.


Moxie Inductors

Moxie Inductors, a leading manufacturer of RJ45 Connectors, produces high performance RJ45 connectors for maximum EMI suppression. They include integrated magnetics and up to eight ports and are rated at -40C to +85C to but industrial levels are available. Applications for the Moxie RJ45s include 10/100/1000 Base-TX designs, ADSL Modems, PoE+ Designs and LANs. They are always available with a quick production turnaround.


Moxie also offers a full line of RJ45 Dual USB combo stacked designs to save PCB real estate on board designs. Available options include EMI Tabs and one or two Type-A USB connectors integrated with the RJ45, as well as custom schematics and LED color options with crosses to all major competitors.


The Moxie RJ45 Connector with HDMI connectivity streamlines the audio/video interface by eliminating the need for two separate ports. These connectors are ideal for display controllers, computer monitors, video projectors, digital televisions and digital audio devices, making them popular in world that is not only working, but also streaming and gaming and communicating from home.


The Moxie MOX-RJ45-HDMI-038 is rated at a 30 Milliohms Max contact resistance and at 700 cycles per minute. Housing materials include PBT UL94V-0 synthetic thermoplastic with an insulation resistance of 500 megaohms min @500 NDC.

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