MeArm Deluxe Robotic Arm Kit Includes Controller Board Nuka Cola Blue

The MeArm Deluxe RobotArm kit is a great kit as an introduction to the Arduino and is a cool gadget if you’re more experienced. This is a complete kit containing the laser cut acrylic parts, 4 x servo motors, the Brains Board, joystick controller, battery holder and all the necessary screws and nuts. Just grab a small screwdriver and the supplied Allen key, they’re the only tools you’ll need to assemble your MeArm. The parts have been carefully numbered to make building as easy as possible using the detailed assembly instructions.

maker kit is available which contains the laser cut parts, 4 x servos, nuts, screws and a hex key so that you can add your own Arduino, OrangePip, PICAXE or Genie board. The team at MeArm want to get you off to a flying start so they’ve provided a free resources page with build guides and software.

  • Self-assembly kit in Nuka Cola blue with controller
  • Brains Board, joystick controller and battery holder supplied
  • Hex key, laser cut parts, 4 x servo motors and all fixing hardware supplied
  • Compatible with Arduino or OrangePip

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