Kodiak Assembly Offers 01005 Ultra-Compact Package Assembly

Kodiak Assembly Solutions LP, a leading contract electronic manufacturer, is pleased to announce its entry into 01005 Ultra-Compact Package Assembly.


Although already standard in smartphone assemblies, these ultra-compact devices have made their way into mainstream designs across many markets. Always a company driven by technological advancements and staying ahead of the curve, Kodiak jumped at the chance to experiment and qualify the assembly of 01005 component packages.

Areas critical to the successful qualification of 01005 package assembly include:

  • Optimal PCB footprint layout
  • Precise stencil aperture design and fabrication
  • Paste printing setup and repeatability
  • High machine placement accuracy
  • SMT tape and feeder
  • Reflow profile development
  • Reflow atmosphere considerations (oxygen vs. nitrogen)

Inductors, capacitors and resistors all have slightly different terminations and heights that require consideration for defect-free assembly. Every design provides different challenges, but with Kodiak’s experience, a robust process for assembling these ultra-compact packages can be developed.


Kodiak Assembly looks forward to successfully applying this newest capability to its customers’ complex designs, and remains dedicated to the challenge of staying at the leading edge of placement technology to provide the highest quality assemblies across all markets.


Kodiak has extensive experience in a number of key electronic markets, including: IoT- Internet of Things, communications, LED lighting, medical and biotechnology, oil and gas, industrial controls, radio frequency (RF) solutions, security, and microprocessor embedded computer assemblies.


For more information about Kodiak Assembly, visit www.kodiakassembly.com.

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