Identify miniature PCB components with new DXF Overlay app

Manufacturer of digital microscopes, TAGARNO, has launched an app that makes it easy to identify miniature PCB components during quality control. Using the search feature enables the operator to quickly identify components and spot deviations from a golden sample.

With the new DXF Overlay app from TAGARNO, users can import DXF files to their TAGARNO digital microscope. The file will appear as an overlay and an overview will clearly show where the overlay is positioned in the field of view. This ensures that the operator can always tell what area of the PCB they are looking at. The overlay will also follow the magnification levels of the microscope, making it easy to perform visual inspection at any magnification level.

Search and find specific components immediately
With PCB components getting smaller and smaller, using the search feature to easily identify components on a PCB is one of the key benefits of the new DXF Overlay app. All search results will be highlighted, enabling the operator to immediately find a specific component.

Try DXF Overlay app for free
With a TAGARNO digital microscope, you can try the DXF Overlay app and all other quality control improving apps from TAGARNO for free for 30 days.

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