How to program UniTFTs display from Electronic Assembly?

Designers often underestimate the demands on graphic performance and complexity of display design, which then leads to insufficient performance. Even though SOS electronic already wrote about programmable uniTFTs displays, we were so impressed by these small displays that we asked the manufacturer for an interactive webinar.

Sven Jenschur is a technical sales (FAE) at Electronic Assembly and has been working with displays for several years. He is our long-term advisor for the selection of a proper display and we were sure that he will advise you well too.
The uniTFTs series is a unique series of smart displays with minimal demands on the designer experience. Did you know that smart touch displays in mini format are available in sizes from 2″ to 4.3″? Watch a short video where Sven shows what the most interesting displays look like.

If you are one step further, you are definitely interested not only in what those displays will look like on your device, but also what their biggest advantages are. The following 5-minute video summarizes the functions and features of the individual displays as well as where EA displays are most often applied.

Selected modules from the uniTFTs series of small intelligent displays can be found in our stock range. We will be happy to provide other versions upon order.
The developers of ElectronicAssembly have created the user-friendly program uniTFTDesigner. It is a software tool for easy and successful use of uniTFT displays from ElectronicAssembly. You can find it on the ElectronicAssembly website and it is also freely accessible to you. Try it. (You will also need „Driver for USB“ for it.)
If you are still thinking and hesitating, watch the following video where Sven will show you how easy and fast it is to work with the program and use it for your projects.

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