Harwin Strengthens Off-the-Shelf Cable Assembly Offering Through Addition of Compact Gecko-SL Products

Accelerating project completion, without tooling expense or allocation of engineering resources

Fully leveraging its considerable expertise, so that customers have rapid access to simple and cost-effective interconnect solutions, Harwin has broadened the scope of its portfolio of ready-made high-reliability cable assemblies. The award-winning Gecko Screw-Lok (Gecko-SL) 1.25mm connector family builds on the options already available using the company’s popular Datamate products. A wider range of cable assemblies can be sourced, avoiding any upfront investment in equipment and staff training costs to carry out such work in-house.

Available in both single- and double-ended arrangements, the Gecko-SL cable assemblies fully comply with the established IPC-620 cable and wire harnessing industry standard. They can be specified for either cable-to-cable or cable-to-board implementations. Each cable has a 26AWG wire gauge PTFE construction, and comes in 150/300/450mm (6/12/18 inch) lengths. The assemblies are fully compatible with existing metal backshells, for both added mechanical robustness and strong EMC resilience. Thanks to the hexagon-slotted screw fixings and mate-before-lock mechanism, these rugged assemblies are straightforward to deploy, especially in space-constrained environments. They benefit from the inherent resilience that Gecko-SL connectors exhibit to high degrees of shock/vibration and extreme temperatures, as well as their relatively strong current carrying capacity (2A per contact, despite the narrow pitch).

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