Hammond Robust Enclosures with elegant design in SOS electronic sortiment

The new Hammond 1557 Series offers a surprisingly attractive industrial waterproof enclosure solution with three mounting options, for different control panels or monitoring units.

SOS electronic announces the latest series of industrial enclosures that solves two important enclosure requirements – the aesthetic aspect as well as easy wall mounting. The 1557 Series is characterized by elegance and you will surely be proud of having the device in such an enclosure even if it is mounted on the wall on a visible place.

When we mention the wall mounting, the manufacturer bore that in mind too. It is assumed that one of the segments of possible enclosure applications may be different control panels or monitoring units, and thus we have two options for wall mounting.

The four feet that are included in the delivery of each enclosure of the 1557 series provide two wall-mounting options and one alternative:

  1. Light – Easy mounting using only two legs fastened to the wall with screws and the enclosure simply “clicks” on them.
  2. Heavy Duty – mounting by screwing four legs on the sides of the box and then mounting with four screws into the wall.
  3. The last option is to use the enclosure for table-top applications for which we use four self-adhesive transparent rubber feet, which are also included in the enclosure packing.

The screws fixing the bottom and top part together are located on the bottom part so that they cannot be seen when the enclosure is placed on the wall. Only after a detailed look at the technical datasheet or after a grab in a hand, we find that the enclosure has considerably thick walls – at least 3.0 mm and is considerably heavier and more robust than conventional enclosures of a given size. An advantage is also the silicone lid gasket, which is made of one piece. The 1570 enclosures belong to the so-called 4/4X 6/6P (NEMA rating) industrial enclosures.

There are 4 sizes and 2 heights (45 and 60mm) to choose from:

  1. 80×80 mm
  2. 120×120 mm
  3. 160×160 mm
  4. 200×200 mm 

Regarding materials and colours, there are 4 options, too:

  1. black ABS, 
  2. light gray ABS, 
  3. black Polycarbonate (UL), and
  4. light gray Polycarbonate (UL).

Polycarbonate versions are UV stabilized and are also suitable for outdoor use (IP68). Enclosures in the ABS version meet IP66 rating. All screws and internal thread bushings (M4) are made of stainless steel, ensuring very high corrosion resistance.

Detailed information can be found at particular 1557 enclosures on our website. We have included several versions of Hammond 1557 enclosures into our stable stock portfolio.

If you are interested in these or any other Hammond products, or you need more information, we will be pleased to advise you at sales@soselectronic.com


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