GCT Launches ionex® USB Type-C Charging Range

To make USB Type-C more accessible for electronic designs, GCT has launched a new range of charge centric connectors. 

The GCT ionex® range provides the fast charging capabilities of USB Type-C at a cost effective price point.  For applications where charging is the primary function for a USB connection, the ionex® range truly makes Type-C a real option over other popular USB types.


Following the success of GCT’s USB4085 horizontal through-hole Type-C receptacle launched last year, the new USB4110 surface mount variant joins the ionex® product line up and is expected to be more popular since it’s the prevalent mount type for USB.  The ionex® range achieves its competitive price point by simplifying its engineering.  Modifications made to the connectors PIN structure by removing the SuperSpeed differential pair contacts creates a 16-pin variant of USB Type-C, providing ionex® connectors all the required charge capabilities of Type-C with USB 2.0 functionality.


Micro USB remains a popular USB choice for charging applications primarily for it’s a low cost, small footprint and the fact it’s a well-established and widely used connector to fulfil this task.  But with new technology demanding quicker charge times and better ergonomics, USB Type-C is the ideal alternative.  “There is a clear desire from engineers to adopt the latest version of USB for new designs but costs still remain a key barrier,” states Eren Ozkan, EMEA Project Manager at GCT.  “By engineering Type-C connectors to meet the requirements for charging focused products, we have been able to reduce the costs for our customers making it a compelling alternative over Micro USB for these applications.”


For more information about this latest addition to GCT’s charge focused USB Type-C range, please visit gct.co/charging-connectors

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