F-RAM is faster, consumes 200 times less energy and has virtually unlimited endurance. Check out SOS electronic stock products from Cypress.

Cypress F-RAM offers 100 trillion (1014) read/write cycles.

EEPROMs typically have less than 1 million (106) cycle endurance.

The F-RAM is far superior to EEPROM in both write speed and power consumption. F-RAM writes data at full interface speed, up to 40MHz for SPI, without any write delays and data is instantly nonvolatile. The EEPROM typically has a delay of 5ms before the data becomes nonvolatile.

For a typical 64Kb serial SPI EEPROM with a clock rate of 20 MHz, it would take 5 ms to write 256 bits (32-byte page buffer) and 1283.6 ms to write the entire 64 Kb. With an equivalent F-RAM, it takes only 14 µs for 256 bits and just 3.25 ms to write the entire 64Kb. In addition, writing 64Kb to the EEPROM requires 3900 µJ, writing 64Kb to the F-RAM requires only 17 µJ – a difference of more than 229 times.

Serial  Cypres F-RAMs are pin-compatible with serial EEPROMs.

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