ECIA Publishes Latest “Channel Channel” Episode: Manufacturers’ Council Update with Rob Kirch

ECIA’s Manufacturers’ Council has been very active this quarter, adding new Council members, and making substantial progress on projects such as expansion of market share data collection, the industry-wide initiative to modernize the design registration process and much more. Rob Kirch, of Vishay is Chair of the Manufacturers’ Council and was recently ECIA CEO David Loftus’ guest on the Channel Channel podcast. On this latest podcast, David learns more about Rob on a personal level, the joys of association work and the importance of being ‘in the room where it happens.’

“Every one of our Council members has a very busy day job,” explained Kirch. “We are very fortunate to have this great group of people to bounce ideas around and develop best practices that benefit all our companies. I always prefer having a voice in the industry dialog, instead of being on the outside wondering how things could be better.”

“This podcast with Rob is full of valuable information on what the Manufacturers’ Council is doing to benefit the rest of the industry,” added Loftus. “I hope all our members spend the time to learn about these critical initiatives and possibly consider getting more involved themselves. In spite of the extreme disruptions caused by COVID-19, ECIA is working harder than ever on improving efficiencies in the electronic components supply chain to be prepared for when we can get back to business.”

To listen, please go to the ECIA website.

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