EasyPACK™ 3B with TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7 for 1500 V PV string inverters

The solar power market is undergoing a trend towards 1500 V solutions, which allow for more series connections, less cable, fewer generator connection boxes and fewer inverters. The new EasyPACK™ 3B with TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7 is especially designed for this market; it offers not only the established flexible pin-grid system to realize customized solutions, but the 950 V Active Neutral Point-Clamping (ANPC) topology can generate alternating current from 1500 V direct current with particularly low loss levels.

EasyPACK™ 3B is a total solution for 1500 V solar inverters. For MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker), Infineon offers a single module solution in dual-boost topology with 3 MPPTs in one module. Each of the MPPT can handle up to 26 A current. This makes this solution ready for bi-facial solar panels.

For the inverter stage, Infineon offers two solutions: one with Si diodes and one with CoolSiC™ Schottky diodes. The EasyPACK™ 3B with TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7 and CoolSiC™ Schottky diode can achieve up to 10% higher power density.

Innovative base-plate-less power module in Easy 3B housing
400 A nominal current
Optimized voltage class (950 V) in 3-level ANPC topology
Low parasitic inductance pin-out design
Press-FIT pins
Integrated NTC
Two options: Si or CoolSiC™ Schottky diode

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