Cost Optimized 5Vin / 5Vout 1 Watt SIP Converters

TRACO Power’s new TEA series consists of three unregulated 1 Watt DC/DC converter models in SIP packages which are specifically designed to offer a low-cost solution while keeping a high-quality standard. These converters are simplified to meet one requirement, isolated 5VDC Input / 5 VDC Output. This approach reduces component count and enables a fully automated manufacturing process achieving the lowest possible cost with no sacrifice in quality.

The TEA line consists of three unregulated 1 Watt DC/DC converters offering 5V input (±10%) and 5 V @ 200mA outputs. The three distinct models are: TEA 1-0505 is a SIP-4 model with 1500 VDC I/O Isolation; TEA 1-05050E is a SIP-7 model with 1500 VDC I/O Isolation; and the TEA 1-0505HI is a SIP-7 model with 4000 VDC I/O Isolation. Each of these three models feature: an operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C without derating; 78% operational efficiency; and 2 million hours MTBF (per MIL-HDB-217F) supported by a 3-year product warranty. These models are available in the industry standard SIP packages making them ideal as drop-in replacements for cost reductions in existing programs and are especially well-suited for high volume, new projects where both cost and reliability are critical.

Products are in stock and available through distributors around the globe with manufacturing lead times of 12-14 weeks. Please see for specifications.

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