AVX Corporation is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of electronic passive components, sensors, controls, and interconnect solutions with 26 research, manufacturing and warehouse facilities in 14 countries around the world. AVX offers a broad range of devices including capacitors, resistors, filters, timing and circuit protection devices, and connectors. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:AVX).

The company is organized into three segments: Passive Components, Kyocera Electronic Devices (KED) Resale Components, and Interconnects. The Passive Components segment consists primarily of surface mount and leaded ceramic capacitors, RF thick- and thin-film components, tantalum capacitors, switch mode ceramic capacitors, power film capacitors, super capacitors, EMI filters, think- and thin-film packages, varistors, thermistors, inductors, and resistive products. The ED Resale Components division is mainly made up of ceramic capacitors, timing devices, SAW devices, RF modules, and Interconnects produced by Kyocera Corporation and resold by AVX, while the Interconnect Components segment primarily offers Elco automotive, mobile phone/PDAs, backpanel, solid state lighting, and memory product Interconnects produced by AVX and Kyocera.

AVX serves a broad range of markets including: computer, telecommunications infrastructure, cellular, industrial, automotive, consumer, military, and medical sectors. In automotive, AVX is contributing toward new technologies for safety, engine control, infotainment, and chassis control. In medical, AVX advanced products are critical for implantable devices that regulate and stimulate the heart, bring sound to the hearing-impaired, and sight to those with vision problems. AVX research and development has anticipated and adapted products that help fuel the explosive growth in communications technology.

AVX research and products are also critical to new green technologies designed to conserve existing energy resources and to create dependable, affordable systems for using renewable energy sources, such as wind, sun, and water. The reliability of AVX technology will ensure that this generation – and generations to come – will benefit from these green technologies. AVX components are at the forefront of designs harnessing the power of alternative energy sources, such as wind farms, solar power generation, hybrid and electrical vehicles, as well as trams and high-speed trains.

The company continues to invest heavily in R&D, with many patents granted, and new applications submitted annually. Its strong technology base is further expanded by these innovative new products. AVX’s continued innovation across a broad and unmatched line of passive electronic components and interconnects will continue to be developed, expanded, and improved to solve tomorrow’s design challenges.

Featured Products

00-9296 Series Standard Vertical Top-Entry 18-22AWG Connectors

53-8702 Series IDC/Press-Fit Wire-to-Board Connectors

9177-500 Series Single IDC 12–18 AWG Contacts