Meet the PMI that won’t call it quits — the CL Series

Visual Communications Company (VCC), a recognized global leader in the illuminated electronics market with advanced indication and HMI solutions, announced its latest rugged PMI lineup — the CL Series.

Designed to withstand dirt, grease, vibration and even vandals, the CL Series is the perfect PMI for the toughest jobs. With a nickel-plated brass housing and hole diameter of 0.555” (14mm), this series:

  • Ups the ante on visibility – a prominent LED enables better viewing, with angles ranging from 20° to 50° degrees.
  • Utilizes the right power for jobs of all sizes – the CL Series is available in 2V to 60V options, as well as high-voltage heroes like the 120VAC and 240VAC models.
  • Delivers extra stability – with 6” wire leads the CL Series is internally potted for added protection against vibration.
  • Offers extra-ruggedness in every way – included accessories like a hex nut, spacer and gasket make the CL Series resistant to shock, vandals, and excuses.
  • Uses intuitive visual language – available in popular red, yellow, green and blue single-color LEDs, as well as a bi-color red/green option.
  • Ensures quitting time is over a decade away – average operating life of 100,000 hours makes the CL Series is one you can always count on.

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