Try “PlusMinus” – an ideal screwdriver for circuit breakers and terminals

You´ve certainly already got in touch with screws whose head enables to use slotted and also Phillips cross type screwdriver. It´s quite handy as you´ll probably never be in a situation when you won´t have a usable screwdriver for a given screw by your hands.

But do you know that there is a special and the most suitable screwdriver for such screws, so called. SL/PZ (or SL/PH) , also called as „PlusMinus“? It is a screwdriver with this type of blade:

The praxis proves that such „hybrid“ screwdriver has the highest resistance against slip off, already at a minimal pressure on a screw. That´s especially beneficial for work on devices on DIN rail, as we don´t have to push on the screw (and thus a DIN rail, plastic older or a plastic enclosure) using uselessly excessive force.

Directly in our offer, you can find 6 types of screwdrivers with the „PlusMinus“ blade from Wiha:

Wiha also offers other versions of SL/PZ and SL/PH screwdrivers, standalone but also in a form of exchangeable bits. In case of interest, we can supply you any product from Wiha in a short leadtime and at favourable conditions.

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