Fast Smart Modular Mounter

Superior Productivity. Versatility, with the best throughput in an advanced, all-in-one.

General Features
Class-leading speed, up to 47,000 cph
Newly developed “Takumi Head” with changing recognition sensor height
Optimum line balance and highest throughput
Wide component range from 0201 (metric) to large connectors and ICs
Optimal for LED placement

Feature 1 – Class leading speed, up to 47,000 cph
Class-leading speed, up to 47,000 cphMaximum speed of up to 47,000 cph*. This is made possible by a revolutionary head design that reduces the travel time and distance for every placement.
New RF feeders are smaller, thinner, and lighter. The new RF feeders are smaller and lighter, but still, maintain the same high degree of positional accuracy. The thinner width allows up to 112 feeder inputs.*

Feature 2 – Self-Optimizing Smart Head
“Takumi head” that automatically optimizes it’s height between 6 different positions based on component height. Tact time is optimized by keeping the head as close to the PCB as possible for the components placed.

Feature 3 – Optimum line balance and highest throughput
Changing the RS-1 functionality does not require head replacement. The revolutionary design self-optimizes based on production requirements. The RS-1R can reduce the workload on high speed. A line with two or more RS-1Rs can adjust to a wide variety of production requirements from high speed to high flexibility.

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