Three show dates not to forget, plus a new event to look forward to

Three show dates not to forget, plus a new event to look forward to

Trade shows can be a convenient way of getting face to face with manufactures, suppliers, customers and designers within the electronics industry. One advantage to attending an exhibition is you have the capabilities to physically present plans to your chosen person rather than via email or on phone. Meeting clients in person makes it more personal and sincere, which can lead to more success from the conversation. According to ‘The Cost Effectiveness’, it takes an average of 4.5 sales calls to close a sale without an exhibition lead, and only 3.5 sales calls to close a lead from an exhibition. It is important to choose the right trade shows to exhibit / attend as it can be costly and time consuming. Within this article, I am going to talk you through what tradeshows within the electronics industry, in my experience, have been the most beneficial, enjoyable and what I recommend. This article is based on my opinion and personal experience – I have had no input from other parties.

Throughout the year, there are several events which are dedicated to electronic components. Some of which are beneficial for buyers, and some of which are more beneficial to manufactures. It’s important to choose a trade show which not only covers a wide range of job titles, but also is in a good location for hospitality, hotels and transport etc. First, I am going to start with UK based tradeshows, as that is my home soil.

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics, Farnborough

Southern Manufacturing is a trade show based in Farnborough which takes place every February. Usually, many CEM providers will attend this event along with engineering firms and distributors. In my experience, Southern Manufacturing was a good trade show as it was lively and industrious. The location of the show was very central with easy motorway connections. However, if you are looking to target a global audience reach, I would recommend attending this exhibition along with one overseas as this mainly hosts UK based organisations. With many exhibitors and attendees, the show proved a success.

Electronica, Munich

Electronica is a tradeshow based in Munich in Germany which takes place every other November. By far, Electronica is the biggest and busiest tradeshow I have ever been to. Next year, it is expected to host 18 halls with a total of 190,000 square meters. Electronica is suited for all job titles within in the electronics industry as each hall is varied in sector. Being such as big exhibition, I would recommend planning out what halls you’re visiting in what order prior to the event. Me and my colleague made this mistake and ended up walking a few miles each day! Overall, Electronica is a great tradeshow for all sectors of the electronics industry, the vibe is great and there are usually the odd stand parties which makes the exhibition a little less like work!

EDS Leadership Summit, Las Vegas

EDS is an exhibition based in Las Vegas which takes place every May. Participants at EDS are primarily manufacturing of electronics components along with suppliers and distributors. EDS is meeting based which increases your chances of building relationships and expanding partners. Being based in Vegas, there are a variety of company locations attending the event which means you will receive more global coverage and connections. In my experience at EDS, I feel that it’s one of the few shows where there are key personnel from the world’s biggest company’s all under one roof. Compared to other trade shows, I feel EDS is more chilled and less frantic, which I prefer. Given the location and relaxed yet professional vibe, I feel everyone is in high spirits and genuinely enjoys attending the show.

The NEW event to look forward to!

ECS (The Electronic Component Show), Milton Keynes

ECS is a trade show based in Milton Keynes which is taking place for the first time in May 2020. ECS is founded by the Electronic Sourcing and eBOM groups, so we are all expecting big things! This new one-day event offers the opportunity for design engineers and purchasing professionals to network with electronic manufacturers, distributors and service providers to source new products, solutions and contacts. ECS is conveniently located at Stadium MK which has great motorway connections and hotels nearby. The benefit of the Electronic Component Show is that it is a one-day event, therefore there are reduced hotel costs, less time out of the office and no worry about ‘what day will be more worthwhile?’. Being a one-day event, you know you won’t have the worry of working out which day will be busier and have the more influential connections. All the hustle and bustle will be jam packed in one day! The show is running a dual seminar program with a range of seminars for deign engineers and purchasing professionals.  According to Freeman Surveys, 46% of attendees attend only one trade show per year. Fortunately, ECS has already got a wide range of exhibitors such as Mouser, Microchip, TT Electronics, Rochester Electronics, Farnell, Yamaichi, Wurth Electronics, OMRON, Luso Electronics, Charcroft and Review Display Systems! So, if you’re looking to attend an electronic based tradeshow, ECS is the one for you!

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