MCI®-2020 Gel: A Deep-Reaching Solution for Corroding Rebar

Mitigating corrosion of embedded rebar is a perennial problem for reinforced concrete structures, requiring preventative maintenance and repair. Topical corrosion inhibiting treatments require a clean, properly prepared surface area to work as intended. Cortec’s MCI®-2020 Gel is designed to work when proper surface preparation cannot be achieved or is economically undesirable, by delivering Cortec’s proven Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor™ Technology directly to the depth of reinforcement.

MCI®-2020 Gel is an injectable corrosion inhibitor that provides a robust dose of corrosion protection directly where it is most needed. Once inside the concrete, the inhibitor can also move laterally through the concrete along the embedded reinforcement via liquid and vapor diffusion. MCI® molecules deposit across metal surfaces, forming a molecular layer that acts as a barrier to corrosive elements such as chlorides and carbonation.

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