Nanoramic Labs has entered into a distribution partnership with Dimac red, headquartered in Italy, to bring its groundbreaking ultracapacitor technology to the European market.

Nanoramic’s FastCAP Ultracapacitors enable significant improvements in the way that power systems are designed – reducing weight, volume, and complexity while improving performance and relaxing design constraints on current technologies.

“These are the world’s only ruggedised ultracapacitors with rated operation up to 150°C or down to -55°C, with high shock and vibration tolerance,” said Dr. John Cooley, President and COO of Nanoramic Laboratories.  “To date, Nanoramic’s FastCAP line has successfully demonstrated the utility of these components in harsh oil and gas drilling conditions where they provide high power bursts of electromagnetic telemetry signals from thousands of feet underground.”

FastCAP Ultracapacitors provide higher power, require little to no thermal management, withstand high shock and vibration on a component and module level, and are not subject to the volatility associated with chemical batteries.

In applications where batteries are currently oversized for power handling, users can expect dramatic reductions in total energy storage system weight by complementing those batteries with ultracapacitors.

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