Zytronic and NunoErin Bring Interactive Creative Experiences to New Sensory Room

Zytronic, a leader in durable, high-performance Projected Capacitive Technology(PCT™ and MPCT™), was integral in bringing touch interactivity to a new facility at Canopy Children’s Solutions, Mississippi’s most comprehensive provider of children’s behavioural health, educational and social service solutions. The company’s touch sensors enable interactive capabilities in the Ucreate digital play panel used in Canopy’s newly opened sensory room at its Jackson, MS facility.


The new sensory room serves a critical role at the facility and is instrumental in encouraging children to play freely as well as providing them with structured professional therapy. The Ucreate touch panel is now one of the favored elements of the room, sought out by youngsters who want to draw or play games, either by themselves or together with others.


The Ucreate wall panel was developed by NunoErin, a Jackson, MS-based developer and manufacturer of wall-mounted and tabletop interactive solutions, designed to help brands and organizations connect with their customers through play. The Ucreate wall panel used in Canopy’s sensory room is built on a 40-inch (100 cm) industrial-grade interactive display, with interactivity powered by a Zytronic custom, printed multi-touch sensor. NunoErin’s Ucreate platform also includes a library of interactive games, painting & drawing apps, animated puzzles and open-ended collaborative experiences for creative social play, accessed through an attractive, engagingly designed touchscreen.


“Installing the Ucreate wall panel in a facility such as Canopy’s sensory room requires durability to withstand heavy use over an extended period,” said Erin Hayne, president at NunoErin. “Zytronic’s ZYBRID® multi-touch sensor technology was an ideal fit in that we could specify both the performance and durability rating required to function flawlessly and know it would provide optimal safety for the patients.”


NunoErin’s successful implementation of the Ucreate wall panel in Canopy’s sensory room serves as a showcase of its capabilities for similar rollouts in both healthcare and education applications. As a result, the company is currently in discussions with several hospitals, schools and other facilities for larger-scale deployments in the coming months.

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