Minimize Rail Friction and Wear in Freezing Temps with Cortec’s New Biobased EcoLine® Rail Curve Grease

With cooler weather on its way for the Northern Hemisphere, Cortec®  Corporation is pleased to announce   its  release  of  EcoLine®    Rail  Curve Grease,  Winter. This cold temperature  rail curve grease addresses two of Cortec’s major concerns in one product:

  1. 1. How to prolong durability of metal equipment and components
  2. 2. How to do so using more environmentally responsible ma

EcoLine®  Rail Curve Grease, Winter, meets both of these criteria as a premium quality biobased, biodegradable  grease  designed  to  reduce  friction and  protect  against  wheel  and  rail  wear  in  high

pressure areas where rail curve greases are used. This has the benefit of promoting better fuel efficiency       while reducing downtime and high costs associated with rail and wheel replacements.

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