In Stock at Heilind Electronics: Amphenol Advanced Sensors NTC Inrush Current Limiter Kit

Heilind Electronics, a leading distributor of electronic components worldwide and an authorized distributor for Amphenol Advanced Sensors, is now stocking the manufacturer’s NTC Inrush Current Limiter Kit. The kit is UL-approved and provides a compact, low-cost solution for limiting inrush currents.

Featuring best-in-class capacitance ratings, the solid state kit allows engineers to test multiple spec variances to determine the part(s) best suited for a particular application. This added efficiency enables customers to reduce lead times for multiple parts.

The kit is designed for PCB mounting and consists of 32 of Amphenol Advanced Sensors’ most popular styles of inrush current limiters, including both straight and kinked leads, at a quantity of 5 pieces per style. It offers excellent mechanical strength, low steady resistance and low accompanying power loss. In addition, it accommodates a wide operating temperature range of -58 degrees Fahrenheit to +347 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ultimately, the Amphenol Advanced Sensors NTC Inrush Current Limiter is a low cost, solid state device that controls inrush current to prevent users from tripping breakers, blowing fuses and damaging components in applications like motors, inverters, switching power supplies and fluorescent lamps.

Visit Heilind’s website for more information about Amphenol Advanced Sensors’ NTC inrush current limiter kits.

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