Infineon’s semiconductor solutions for the Smart Building of tomorrow

Design truly energy efficient and secure smart buildings with Infineon’s semiconductor portfolio

Buildings are today on the edge to become truly smart – due to advancements in digitalization and modern infrastructure. Smart buildings collect data from a multitude of connected IoT devices, process them independently and adjust the building’s operations accordingly in an autonomous way. All thanks to an array of semiconductors embedded in smart building applications which enable buildings to sense – compute – actuate in a secured environment. Let’s have a look at how Infineon semiconductor products make buildings power efficient, cost-cutting and intuitive.

The smart building experience already starts at the entrance of the building when entering it without any physical keys by simply using either a smart card or NFC features of a connected device with Infineon’s CIPURSE™ solutions.

Once inside the smart building, Infineon’s XENSIV™ sensor portfolio allows smart buildings to sense its environment and act accordingly – without you even noticing it. Infineon’s 24 GHz radar captures presence of people with micro motion detection as well as information about speed of objects and direction of movement. This information is crucial to adjust lighting and other smart building operations according to room occupancy, thus saving energy without you having to remember to turn off these devices.

While sensors enable lighting systems to only be switched on and off when truly needed, Infineon’s highly efficient LED drivers and XDP™ digital power controllersmake smart lighting systems more power efficient and comfortable – allowing building operators to save both energy and costs in a smart way.

However, smart buildings do not stop at detecting people’s presence. They also continuously monitor their operation’s state and send this information to the building management system. Elevators in smart buildings know exactly their current floor and altitude level as well as their usage profile to optimize their operation and maintenance patterns making sure that you don’t have to wait for them longer than needed. How do they do that? By relying on data collected by Infineon’s highly precise barometric pressure sensors family.

The same sensors can be used in smart HVAC systems to continuously monitor the airflow and provide maintenance information. Before a filter is blocked shutting down the air conditioning system, an alert can be automatically sent to the building management system and maintenance can be triggered. Similarly, Infineon’s MEMS microphones or 3D magnetic sensors can be included in drives which enable predictive maintenance and condition monitoring on top.

CIPOS™ IPM family and iMOTION™ controllers enables you to quickly design motor drive applications for smart and connected equipment with fans, pumps to general purpose drives. In combination with double hall sensors, applications like smart window shutters precisely know their speed, direction as well as state and can report this to the building management system to regulate the sunlight for the tenants’ comfort.

To make sure that smart buildings are not only intelligent, but also secure, Infineon’s OPTIGA™ family of security solutions provides hardware security along the entire data value chain to increase your data’s protection level. It enables hardware security from the edge devices, over gateways, up to central building management systems in the building itself or up to the Cloud securing the sense – compute – actuate flow by hardware security.

Discover now how Infineon’s highly efficient and reliable products enable low-power, cost-saving and intuitive smart buildings.

Features & Benefits

    products in access control applications for limited use tickets, standard cards & badges as well as NFC applications: a wide range of contactless applications enabled by CIPURSE™ with multiple applications in one device and broad variety of form factors (cards, wearables, mobile devices)

  • 24 GHz Radar Sensor
    for advanced presence detection that goes beyond the capabilities of todays’ main stream Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR): smallest MMIC radar chip in the market to enable sophisticated designs for applications such as lighting, HVAC or thermostats by hiding the sensor inside the device – an extensive network of partners for 24 GHz radar will facilitate your design process of smart building applications

  • XDP™ Digital Power XDPL8218
    PFC control stage and quasi-resonant flyback controller IC with integrated digital interface for reading out real-time operating parameters and relevant error conditions: digital LED controllers allow power monitoring as well as fault detection without the need of costly and complex circuits

  • Barometric Pressure Sensors
    lowest power consumption and best-in-class pressure resolution (down to +/- 2 cm) in combination with robustness against water (IPx8), dust & humidity (DPS368) and highly accurate absolute temperature sensing (DPS422)

  • Digital MEMS Microphones
    high performance digital MEMS microphones with high signal-noise-ration (SNR) and below 1 percent distortions at 128 dBSPL (AOP – 130 dBSPL): the application benefits are crystal clear audio signals, extended pick-up distance and sensitivity to both soft and loud signals

  • 3D Magnetic Sensors
    accurate three dimensional sensing with direct measurement of the x-, y-, and z-components of a magnetic field and extremely low-power consumption: the sensor is designed for all kinds of sensing applications including out-of-shaft angle measurement and position detection

  • CIPOS™ Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs)
    families of highly integrated, compact power modules designed to drive motors in applications ranging from home appliances, fans, pumps to general purpose drives

  • Hall Switches
    integrated circuit double Hall-effect sensor designed specifically for highly accurate applications with a speed signal for every magnetic pole pair and a direction information as well: ideal fit for rotational speed and direction detection as well as motor driven positioning systems, power closing systems, sun blinds and garage doors

    Trust product family – a full range of security chips to address individual needs in the field of embedded authentication and brand protection and further security applications: protection of your business model, process know-how and IP, ease of implementation in combination with a wide range of use case.

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