Extending from NIC’s NCB-H series the NCB-HA adds AECQ200 availability

Extending from NIC’s NCB-H series the NCB-HA adds AECQ200 availability. Case sizes ranging from 0201 (0.6×0.3mm) to 1812 (4.5×3.2mm) chip sizes. Impedance values range from 10Ω ~ 2,000Ω in ±25% tolerance @ 100Mhz.

DC current ratings are available up to 6A with an operating temperature range of -55°C ~ +125°C.  For applications where < 1A is optimal it is recommended to review NIC’s NCB-A series.

The NCB-HA Series meets PB-Free reflow conditions up to 260°C and is RoHS Compliant without exemptions, halogen free and REACH SVHC 197 compliant.

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The NCB-HA series meets the requirements of AECQ200 and suggested for use in automotive grade applications or where higher quality components may be required.

Together with NIC’s automotive grade low ESR capacitors and thin film resistors the NCB-HA series is ideal for use in high current DC/DC converters, in dash automotive applications, LED drivers and motor control noise suppression applications.


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