Saving valuable space on a PCB

PCB designers often complain about the lack of space when laying out a PCB. The overall dimension of the device has often been defined right at the outset and before the circuit design is complete. Therefore finding extra space on the PCB is a very welcome and valuable asset.

We have a solution. Connectors often take up a fair amount of space compared with the majority of components on the PCB, but what if the connector could save space. Sounds like magic but it’s all down to component choice.

For example, the SPT PCB terminal block with push-in connection technology pictured below is available in both through-hole and surface mounting variants. As can been seen from the PCB diagram, the SPT-THR has holes drilled for the pins, whereas the SPT-SMD is surface mounted and therefore leaves space on the reverse of the PCB free for other components.

Additional products to consider...