Mill-Max Mfg., Corp., is proud to present new solder cup products delivering the most versatile array of solutions for your wire termination needs. Across our product line, there are new options to choose from in connectors and discrete terminals suitable for a variety of spacing, height and orientation requirements. Solder cup components simplify the task of making wired connections between PCB’s or devices and PCB’s. They provide an appliance designed to accept and hold wires in place, eliminating the frustration of trying to manipulate them while performing the soldering operation.

The solder cup also allows the solder to pool and form around the wire leading to better solder joints and more reliable, robust connections. Mill-Max has developed new manufacturing techniques and equipment to produce solder cup features for 2mm and .050” pitch connectors, right angle and low-profile interconnects and integrated into fine pitch spring loaded connectors. Mill-Max has a wide range of products with solder cup features including discrete receptacles, terminal pins and spring loaded pins as well as standard .100” pitch headers, sockets and spring loaded connectors.

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