Introducing the Binder 770 series of Connectors with Innovative IP67 Sealing Solution

Binder have released the NCC 770 series of IP67 sealed connectors which feature an innovative sealing mechanism that solves the problem of how to seal the connector when it is in the unmated state.

The issue of how to seal the connector in the unmated state is a common problem when using waterproof connectors, in general the specified degree of IP protection of the connector is only achieved when both sides of the connection are mated. Many users only become aware of this fact when the first defects or complaints from the field start to happen. To solve this problem various approaches can be made, the most common solution is to use a protective cap when the connector is not in the mated condition, or as a more drastic solution, some users pot the housing which whilst it stops water ingress into and through the body of the connector it still leaves the contacts exposed. Other methods include the use of a sealed hinged lid over the panel connector which whilst it offers effective protection it is not always the most reliable solution, it can also impede access when connecting and disconnecting the connectors.

Furthermore all of these methods involve further installation time and effort resulting in additional cost. Also the additional components cause problems when handling the connection and have a negative effect on the product`s appearance.

Binder has created the solution that fulfils a protection degree of IP67 even when the connection isn`t mated whilst avoiding all the disadvantages associated with the most common solutions on the market.

The 770 series NCC (Not Connected Closed) connectors keep the interface between the two halves closed when they are not mated. The clever technology for this solution is hidden inside the panel connector, at first glance one wouldn`t recognize that the NCC is an electrical connection as the typical contact elements of the panel mount part are concealed by an internal spring loaded cover. When the 770 series NCC connector cable plug is mated, the panel mount connector contact cover is pushed inside the receptacle body, the contacts engage and the connector is locked with a quarter turn of a bayonet-locking collar. The efficiency of the connector design allows a product life of more than 5000 mating cycles.
The panel mount connector spring loaded cover is IP67 sealed and protects the contact area against water, dirt and foreign particles when in the unmated state. Another important aspect is the cover also ensures the contact elements are touch proof and therefore are also protected against any external manipulation.

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