Charmed Labs Pixy 2 Vision Sensor Camera CMUcam5 Arduino / Pi Compatible

The Charmed Labs Pixy 2 vision sensor camera is smaller, faster and more capable than the original Pixy.

Like its predecessor, Pixy2 can learn to detect objects that you teach it, just by pressing a button. Additionally, Pixy2 has new algorithms that detect and track lines for use with line-following robots. The new algorithms can detect intersections and ‘road signs’ as well. The road signs can tell your robot what to do, such as turn left, turn right, slow down, etc. Pixy2 does all of this at 60 frames-per-second, so your robot can be fast, too.

No need to mess around with tiny wires – Pixy2 comes with a special cable that plugs directly into an Arduino and a USB cable that plugs into a Raspberry Pi, so you can get started quickly.

No Arduino or Raspberry Pi? No problem! Pixy2 has several interfaces (SPI, I2C, UART, and USB) and simple communications, so you can quickly get your chosen controller talking to Pixy2.

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