SPR and GPR modules to build your RIIoT™ by Radiocrafts network are now available for purchase at Digi Key!

Radiocrafts is happy to announce that the RIIoT™ modules (the SPR and GPR modules) are now available for purchase at Digi Key!

RIIoT™ (Radiocrafts Industrial Internet of Things) is an IIoT wireless, long range, 2-way symmetric, network in a module. It was developed for you to easily create your own efficient industrial grade access network with cloud connectivity.

The RF protocol is the IEEE802.15.4 g/e standard that supports both 868 MHz and 915 MHz for global applications. RIIoT™ includes an Intelligent C-programmable I/O (i:zi), which makes it possible to directly interface to any sensor or actuator and supports mist computing. RIIoT™ does not require any license or subscription fee.

RIIoT™ Benefits

Why use RIIoT™ by Radiocrafts? What are its advantages?

  • Designed for industrial grade quality – RIIoT™ has very low packet losses due to the supported ack/retry and listen-before-talk features. We also proved this by running a test where we had 28 nodes transmitting data every 4 seconds and achieved an astonishing 99.83% good packets received.
  • Short development time – the complete network is supported by the module.
  • Very low power – The leaf nodes can run several years on coin cell batteries and can even be used for energy harvesting.
  • 2-way symmetric communication with short delays for control applications – Less than 15ms delays allowing for near real time control which allows for many thousands of nodes per gateway. RIIoT has a long range between gateway and leaf node, up to 2 km in urban environment, up to 60 km line of sight with the High Power module and up to 500m urban and 15 km LOS with the regular module.
  • “Global” support Software configurable 915 MHz and 868 MHz.
  • Connects to any sensor chip/controller via Radiocrafts’ ICI framework – ICI allows the network designer to create any sensor or controller interface. The idea behind ICI is that a user with little to no RF experience can quickly and easily create an intelligent network node using only 100 lines of high-level C-code or less. (learn more about ICI here.)
  • Cloud connectivity using JSON objects – The RIIoT Net Controller manages the JSON objects for RIIoT and is the translator to the RIIoT RF packets that are transmitted to the sensors/control units. (learn more about the RIIoT™ Net Controller here.)
  • Future-proof by (OTA) Over-The-Air updates – OTA combined with ICI means that the user can update the user defined ICI firmware when the network is deployed and in full operation, so new sensors/controllers can be added when the need arises. Additionally, you can make updates to the ICI application, add new features that come from Radiocrafts, and, make bug fixes.
  • Supporting many leaf nodes – A RIIoT™ Network can have up to 65,000 leaf nodes.

Tailor made solutions through Radiocrafts design services – The standard solution can be modified to fit individual customer requirements that are not covered with the standard solution. Radiocrafts has long experience in RF design and turnkey solutions. A special case is if the modification can be done in ICI, then the effort and costs will be minimal compared to a traditional turnkey contract design.

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