Central Semiconductor’s Super Industrial™ solutions solve designers’ toughest challenges

Central Semiconductor Corp., a leading manufacturer of innovative discrete semiconductors, has launched a new solution service called Super Industrial™. Central’s Super Industrial™ devices are designed to meet the harshest environmental concerns experienced by designers of end-products used in adverse conditions. Whether products are used in moisture-sensitive environments or extreme temperatures, Super Industrial™ discrete semiconductors will overcome these challenges.

Utilizing Central’s unique custom device development process, Super Industrial™ discretes start at the bare die level. Once the appropriate wafer construction and materials are defined, device packages and interconnect are reviewed to insure the specified requirements will be met. A Multi Discrete Module, or MDM™, may be utilized to combine several discrete devices into a single package. In other extreme applications, the ideal solution may be a custom hermetically-sealed package. In many cases, a special proprietary assembly process is established to accomplish the required extreme criteria. Finally, a test plan is prepared to assure devices meet the reliability specifications necessary for the application. In some cases, these customer-specified tests may exceed standard Military or Space-level requirements.

According to Central’s VP of WW Sales & Marketing, Allen Simon, “Super Industrial™ was developed at Central to solve designers’ toughest challenges when more than a standard device is required. The entire Central team stands ready to meet OEMs’ needs.” New Super Industrial™ solutions are being realized at Central every year. Some programs take upwards of 18 months to complete with production commitments exceeding 8 – 10 years. Central has made a true commitment to be a preferred supplier of the most innovative discrete solutions in the industry.

To explore Super Industrial™ discrete solutions for your design requirements, contact Central Semiconductor today at: www.centralsemi.com.