VCC Announces Big Additions in Miniature LED Product Line and Beyond.

VCC a global leader in illuminated components is adding several direct incandescent replacement LEDs to its ever-expanding lineup. Thanks to the recent acquisition of Display Products, Inc. (DPP), VCC is offering LEDs that drive energy-saving solutions for a range of applications. 

In mid-October, VCC announced the first wave of available replacement LED products, including the bi-pin model of the T-2 Slide Based LED Lamp. Now, the innovative company is making additional models available to provide several benefits for manufacturers, designers and even end users seeking ways to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

This next wave of rollouts includes T-2 Slide Based LED lamps in voltages ranging from 12V to 120VAC, as well as the new and noteworthy T-3 1/4 Miniature LEDs.

Learn more about the T-2 Slide Based LEDs and the T-3 Miniature LEDs here or read the official press release here