Cortec® EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative – Cuts Costs and Meets the Specialized Needs of Mold

Cortec® recently developed EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative to meet the needs of mold, tool, and die manufacturers and end users. This effective liquid rust preventative comes in a non-flammable spray can that makes it easier to use than traditional greases and shipping oils employed to protect tooling assets and all tool steels during shipping, storage, and transport. It is also relatively safer to store than traditional highly flammable aerosols.

The development of EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative is another example of Cortec’s responsiveness to specific customer and market needs. Cortec® tailored the product for a large midwestern U.S. tool and die manufacturer who wanted to eliminate any possibility of corrosion on a 40,000 pound (18,144 kg) Class A plastic-injection mold during its five- to six-week overseas boat shipment to Europe. By packaging an effective vegetable-oil-based rust preventative in an EcoAir® spray can, Cortec® was able to deliver a cost-effective solution while providing superior protection of this vital and expensive customer asset.

EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative was sprayed on the internal surfaces of the mold maker’s two-cavity automotive interior P20 plastic-injection mold prior to shipment. This provided corrosion protection, as well as water displacement and cleaning properties for any process-related fluids remaining on the mold.


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