Orion Fans provide energy savings for AC fan applications

Energy Savings for AC Applications
Designed for power hungry equipment, Orion’s Electronically Commutated (EC) fans offer a lower power, energy-efficient cooling solution. The AC input fans utilize a brushless DC motor and incorporate voltage transformation within the motor for significantly lower power consumption. Some models are available with dual speed functionality and universal voltage range. For custom requirements, Orion’s dual speed EC Fans can be programmed at the factory to deliver even more power savings.
• Significantly lower power consumption
• Drop-in replacement for AC Fans
• Eliminates sparking and EMI in brushed motors
• Longer service life due to lower operating temperatures and less heat loss
• Ideal for appliances, refrigeration, HVAC and other commercial applications

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Since 1951, Karl Kruse GmbH & Co KG is a global franchised distributor of electronic components. They company is a global supplier in the areas of automotive, automation, industrial, military , medical , power , railway, renewable energy, transportation, plant engineering etc.

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