Gecko Screw-Lok connectors from Harwin – secure, space saving, ideal for harsh environments

Gecko Screw-Lok shown with board-mounted and cable variations, with added shielding.

Secure fixings and metal backshells for Hi-Rel 1.25mm pitch connector family

A brand new evolution of the award-winning Gecko 1.25mm pitch connector serieslaunches today at Electronica from Harwin, the leading hi-rel connector and SMT board hardware manufacturer. Gecko (G125 series) connectors are low-profile, dual row cable-to-board and board-to-board interconnects which save PCB real estate and weight in high reliability applications.

Developed to meet customer demand, the new Gecko Screw-Lok series features ruggedised screw fixings for increased security and can withstand repeated mating cycles without damage. Up to 45% smaller than Micro-D connectors and up to 75% lighter, Gecko-SL delivers high reliability with a smaller footprint and increased flexibility for design engineers.

16-contact Gecko Screw-Lok (green) overlaid on 15-contact Micro-D (red)

Gecko-SL connectors feature:

  • Harwin’s patented single piece 4-finger beryllium copper female contact – the heart of the whole Gecko product family.
  • Withstanding high vibration, shock and extremes of temperature ensuring optimum electrical performance and durability under harsh conditions.
  • Robust stainless steel fixing hardware provides corrosion resistance against salt spray and humidity.  Gecko-SL connectors have captive screws with Hex Socket heads to prevent slipping during assembly and a “mate before lock” feature for fast assembly and increased usability.
  • Strain relief is ensured through board mount fixings.
  • Identification of the No 1 position for fast visual inspection.
  • Available in female and male vertical through-hole and surface-mount variants for the PCB, and cable connector housings and contacts.

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