TTI and Molex Bring You ISI BGA Reballing and IC Adapter Technology

TTI, Inc., delivers enhanced supply chain solutions with Molex ISI BGA Reballing and IC Adapter Technology.

Many modern ICs are often only available in RoHS/lead-free BGA packages. ISI has been audited and qualified as a production reballing supplier to the leading Tier 1 defense contractors, working on over 100,000 BGAs each year. It is a cost-effective solution for high volume applications and can be customized to any pitch, package, or alloy.

The IC Adapter Technology allows customers to convert single or multiple components to virtually any footprint, solving IC obsolescence issues, simplifying designs and avoiding costly redesigns. The modules have been qualified for use in the most rugged of electronic applications and allow the replacement module to be assembled to the motherboard with the same manufacturing process as the original IC.

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