Analog Devices’ Self-Calibrating Energy Metering IC

Analog Devices have introduced an energy metering IC with auto-calibration for single-phase energy measurement applications.

The new ADE9153A uses mSure® technology to automatically calibrate the measurement system, significantly reducing calibration time, labour and equipment costs.

As the only energy measurement IC with auto-calibration, the ADE9153A enables designers of intelligent lighting, datacentres, EV charging, and industrial applications to add with ease billing-grade accurate energy measurement to their products. Traditional energy measurement ICs require calibration using expensive, external reference grade voltage and current sources. In contrast, the ADE9153A uses mSure® technology to calibrate the system based on direct measurements of the metering systems energy measurement signal path. Products engineered to use the ADE9153A can auto-calibrate during production, bypassing the need to build, maintain and deploy precision calibration racks on the production floor.

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