Roxburgh EMC Celebrates 50 Years of EMC Solutions

Manufacturer of EMC filters, Roxburgh EMC, is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this month.

At the time of the first moon walk and the first flight of Concorde, Roxburgh EMC was established by George Stow in Rye East Sussex.

Prior to 1969, George Stow was an entrepreneur who introduced Japanese manufacturers’ products into the UK and Europe. Stow spent a lot of time travelling in the Far East, which in the 60’s was quite a challenge.

During this period, EMC was beginning to cause issues in kitchens, and washing machines were found to be the problem; hence Roxburgh EMC’s first filter was a small 16amp cylindrical can filter, designed specifically for washing machines.

Darren Fuller, Sales Manager at Roxburgh EMC commented; “We would like to thank all customers and distributors who have supported us over the past 50 years, although not without its challenges, Roxburgh EMC has gone from strength to strength since 1969. We are proud to offer a wide range of products combined with pre-compliance EMC testing, bespoke solutions and expert technical advice to support the needs of manufacturers and the electronics industry.

“We are continually working to add value to our core offering and hope that in the coming years we will remain a leading manufacturer for EMC solutions. We look forward to overcoming new challenges as the electronics industry and economic climate continue to evolve and hope to be celebrating more achievements in the near future.”

Roxburgh EMC is a division of Alpha 3 Manufacturing Ltd; a specialist in sub-contract electronics manufacturing and electronic components.
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